Hi, we are Sparkmate.
We build prototypes with innovators and changemakers.

We are a a small team of software and hardware engineers currently based in Paris and we help entrepreneurs, industrials and corporates with crazy projects in the fields of mechatronics, IoT, software development & Cloud

We build and deliver operational solutions to our clients every 3 to 5 weeks, no matter project size and complexity.

Meet Sparkmate in 2 minutes


Gregory from GLM Productions had to design and install a gyrostabilized camera under a plane wing for aeronautical filming.

Cloud, software

Pierre-Yves from Whatsit called us to push to the Cloud the architecture of a VR collaborative platform for world class shows, creators, producers and managers.


Olivier from ArianeGroup and CNES worked with us to build the first European prototype of a smart rocket landing system.


Olivier and Eliott from Hubbler called us to design and develop reliable, secure and efficient software to improve confidential meetings management.


Marine from La Patisserie Numérique worked with us to design and craft several machines to push the limits of pastry with 3D printing.